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Trip to Faro


Day trip to Faro, the capital city of the Algarve. Shopped up and down cobblestone streets with the wonderful smells of pastry shops and restaurants on every corner. The old town has beautifully tiled streets guarded by storks with their nests perched on bell towers at the harbour gates. We took a tour throughout the town and enjoyed beer and tapas at a sidewalk cafe where the waiter tried his best to school us in basic Portuguese – We definitely have learning challenges. Home in time for an hour at the pool and barbeque. Dinner on the balcony overlooking the ocean – another great day. Jack’s Portuguese phrase for the day: “Se nao gostar da minba conducao, fique la fora!”

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Lazy Sunday

Today, Sunday, toured the near vicinity and visited several golf courses to book golf games in the upcoming days. Enjoyed a lunch on the Albufeira strip where we booked tours for the Historical Algarve (Tuesday) and Seville, Spain (Friday). Supper out at the Three Crowns restaurant – the waitress was from Brazil and gave us tips on the weather, basic Portugal customs and foods. Everyone is very willing to chat up the hayseeds from Saskatchewan and assures us that our accents are easily identified as Canadian??? Eh! Portuguese phrase for the day: “Voce e muito gentil.

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Jet Lag!


We are working hard on recovering from jet lag – wondering if the wine and late night card games are hindering the process. On Saturday, we explored Albufeira both the old town and the strip. Stumbled across the Canadian Bar where we all enjoyed a “beer and clam”. Felt like home! We wondered around and enjoyed a lovely lunch then trudged back up the hill to our apartment for a dip in the pool followed by dinner. After dinner we wondered back down the hill to old town where we have befriended a waitress at Restaurant 54 (Lyudmila). She served us some good Portuguese coffee and yummy deserts. What a great day! Portuguese phrase for the day: “Esta e a boa vida!”

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Golf at Gramocho

Friday, Greg and Jack along with the manager of our apartment, Duncan, golfed at Gramocho. It was a beautiful day on a beautiful course. Duncan proved to be an entertaining companion and the boys especially appreciated the fact that they were able to beat him soundly! Darlene and Maureen enjoyed the pool and an afternoon of peace and quiet. When the boys arrived home we tried to barbeque “Bovino” which after much marinating was both tasty and chewy! I think we will stick to fish in the future! Portuguese phrase for the day: “Alquem deu um peido?”

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Climbing Cliffs!

sunny 20 °C


Today we traveled along the winding coastal road to the fishing village of Carvoeiro. Towering cliffs flanked the rocky beach where we dipped our feet into the Atlantic Ocean. Climbed many, many steps to the picturesque rock arch the “Algar Seco” where the sea has carved shapes and caves out of the white limestone. Lunch at Smiler’s where Canadian tourist meet each Thursday at 3 p.m. for drinks and tapas. Arrived home and spend the waning hours of the day at the pool dozing and soaking in the sun.

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